Harry Kalenberg...

...is a creative artist who has no formal education in the field of art.  He has had an artistic talent for as long as he can remember. His craftiness and imagination of creating products out of nothing is quite impressive. One of the most popular items he created has been his Popcorn Art collection. The ideas and art that he creates is a hidden talent and has always been a hobby

of his. One day while eating popcorn he noticed that each piece resembled something or someone and put his imagination to good use. He started painting the Popcorn and created quite a collection of numerous faces and people such as Elvis, George

Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Mickey Mouse and many more!


His creations have been noticed and mentioned on

numerous television news segments newspapers and magazines, and on display at Ripley's Believe It or Not!

museums world wide. While continuing to look at each

piece of Popcorn with a sharp eye before eating, thinking that this could be his greatest masterpiece and knowing very well that Popcorn is natures work of art and that no two kernels are alike..